Our lamps were development by specialist Lviv Polytechnic university, having a carefully selected spectral range which is optimal for vegetation and fruiting of most higher plants.
The assembly is carried out by qualified personnel in a private workshop, using high quality components.
Carefully designed cooling system ensures long and reliable operation and the latest technological solutions provides at least a three-fold advantage over conventional light sources for plants*.
Features of our LED panels are designed using latest theory of quantum physics and photosynthesis, confirmed by measurements on the spectrophotometer and years of practical tests. All our LED products covered by one-year warranty on standard conditions (for more details read datasheet.pdf)

*means outcoming FAR difference between our LED-panels and standart sodium lamps with inductive ballast.

LED growlight "HerbGrower-150"

Good led lamp for plant was created for most optimal ratio "price / quality". It suitable for greenhouse lighting, in addition to sunlight effective to 6 m2 square.