LED growlight "HerbGrower-100"

2 IP67 drivers used 60-ty LED bulbs with spread angle of 85 degrees, total power - 102 watts. quantum exit exceeds standart 250 watt sodium lamp. lifetime - more than 50,000 hours

This lamp will be most effective for lighting large box with seedlings or for the complete cycle of cultivation of almost any culture. If the suspension height of 30 cm, this lamp gives excellent fill with intensity PAR 1000 mmol/m2/sec and 55 cm diameter. A higher suspension in 60 cm. will change area (1m2) and component PAR - 247 mmol/m2/sec. 
Your peppers, cherry or strawberry is exactly like it, just be careful - this lamp is easy to arrange an overdose of light. Best results are achieved with medium size reflecting growbox.