Personal LED growlight "HerbGrower-50"

IP67 driver used 30 LED bulbs (440nm, 460nm,590, 660nm, 4200k) with spread angle of 85 degrees, total power - 51 watts. quantum exit exceeds standart 150 watt sodium lamp. lifetime - more than 50,000 hours

This lamp is perfectly cope with illumination for any seedlings or one medium-sized light-loving plants.

This lamp's PAR capacity is 124 mmol/m2/sec at 60 cm suspension. By reducing the suspension height to 24 cm, PAR is increased to 1000 mmol/m2/s, which is enough for most light-loving plants.  Herewith the diameter of the effective light field is 40-45 cm.

Best results are achieved in the  light reflecting microgrowbox. Low power consumption, lack of heating, and compact size allow you to use it for the organization of home mini-farms.